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Manufactured Uncertainty

A Topic of Climate Change:

We live today in an era of information. Where anything can be looked up on Google and researched within minutes. But with so much information out there is can be hard to determine opinion versus fact.

There are institutes out there today that are driving personal agendas to sway public opinion.

How is uncertainty manufactured?

This is being done by first understanding of Uncertanty Reduction Theory(URT). The basic premise behind URT is that the more someone knows about a topic or a person the more accepting and comfortable they are with the topic or person. By increasing the amount of uncertainty on a topic one can make a topic like Climate Change a highly controversial one without actually providing any conflicting facts.

These doubts on the topics are typically created with Fallacies because they are argumentative points that show poor Communication standards.

How is this allowed?

In a complicated way, science needs to be questioned. The very heart of science is to question everything. The difference between the scientific process and manufactured uncertainty is indiscernible by definition. But in reality, it is easy to spot when you are looking for it. It is the difference between Junk Science VS. Real Science.

Who is doing this?

Luckily there aren’t that many but they tend to be organizations with a largely suspicious financial base.

For Global Warming there seem to be two that stand out the most:


I encourage anyone reading this article to first read the Fallacies article and then try to spot as many as you can from The Heartland Institute and Investor’s Business Daily websites.

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